A Little Conversation Never Hurt Anyone


Blogging isn’t a thing I pictured myself doing with my time – at all – really. I, unfortunately, am a very busy lady what with the full-time job, full time school and not to mention the full time husband. My life is busy enough that is damned sure… So why聽exactly聽did I feel the need to take some of that precious time and devote it to writing my little heart out to a bunch of strangers on the internet? I guess the better question is: why not?

Writing and I have always had a casual love affair. We would go out for a couple of drinks, get hot and heavy and then abruptly cool off until we felt the need to scratch that itch again. Writing has always been my hot, yet, incompatible ex. And that’s just kind of weird. Anyways, I kind of always thought that the creative writer in me would just naturally return. Instead, I’m having to force that bitch out of hiding. That’s what this is essentially.

I guess you could say that my pursuit of a business degree brought me to blogging in a roundabout way. I need practice creating a small, successful business so that when the real world comes knocking, I can knock right back. Besides writing, the only thing I could start a business in is knitting… Which makes me an incredibly old person trapped in a young persons body. So here we are!

There are a few things that you, my new readers, can expect from this here little blog.

  • Business tips (obviously) for the other mini entrepreneurs
  • Life
  • Love
  • Politics
  • Money-pinching tips

And most likely, many laughs at my expense as I continue to struggle with anything life decides to throw my way!

Hit that follow button to watch me try and fail my way to the top.

~ Mini.




Late Nights.

Lately, I have been having long days and even longer nights. There is so much to do in my little life and not enough time to get everything done that possibly needs to be done. It does not help that I am human and have human errors… Constantly.

Those errors range from: forgetting to grab a can of coffee at the grocery store, to forgetting to change out of pyjamas for work in the morning after pulling an all nighter. The latter is definitely more embarrassing, but I can blame that on the forgetting coffee, can’t I?

Unfortunately, this blog will be short and I am sorry for that. For all, like, six people that read this regularly. At this point, I have been up since six a.m. yesterday and I still have a mountain of things on my to-do list. Funny how as you get older, the list just grows with you until you can barely manage to do three things on it with a smile on your face. In case you haven’t noticed, adult-hood kind of sucks you guys.

Sorry to be a debbie-downer! That is not my intention at all. I just can’t express how busy I am to the people in my life without unwanted sympathy and of course, the “I’m busier” competition that somehow heats up between you and at least one other person in your life. Mine is my dad. God knows I love him, but that man was聽born busy and he isn’t afraid to let the whole world know it.

Anyways, my days have been consisting of going to work, making food, cleaning my always-messy house and then hammering through school work. That is my life right now.

I love it, honestly; I just wish that sometimes I could take a day for myself. I haven’t had a me-day in awhile and they are starting to make me a little melancholy.

The other half of me that dislikes this amount of work and stress is using all of it to motivate myself to a better life. A life where money isn’t a worry, school is done, my husband is consistently happy with his job and my business (or many businesses) are flourishing. I suppose that is what keeps me going, what makes it so that I can just trudge through the longer nights and pray that all of the hard work will pay off.

Someone please tell me it will!

Success never takes a day off, though. And I suppose that if I want that success in my life, I can’t take a day off until I achieve it.

What keeps you up for the late nights?


A Little About Little Me.

Tip #1: Always, always, always have a nest egg. Some kind of stash of money hidden somewhere in a bank account or in person (not what I highly suggest but it works) that you can forget exists and not touch until you need it. And trust me, with the ups and downs of life and economic market, you will need it at some point. This one is pretty well-told far and wide by pretty much everyone but it warrants saying again. Personally, I take twenty percent of every paycheque I collect, and through it into my nest egg. Just to be safe.

Image courtesy of Google.

Ever wonder why you would take advice from a twenty-one year old, college student with half a degree that comes from a upper-middle class family? Why would I be suited to give anyone, let alone you advice on how to handle your money? That is quite a simple answer.

You wouldn’t and I am not asking that you put all of your faith in me. That is an impossible task and not one I would dream of taking on.

However, I have come across quite a few tips and tricks in my short-little time and would be thrilled to share them with you! Even if these things that I do, could affect just one person’s life… This blog and the time and effort will have all been worth it. And besides, there is more to me than just the things I have listed. If you follow me throughout my adventures of building my own business through this here site, then you will get to know me quite well.

I come from an upper-middle class family, that is true. However it wasn’t always the case and I credit my upbringing and wonderful parents quite a bit with the direction I am headed in life. The successful direction, that is… (I hope).

My parents are lovely people. Amazing, intelligent, free-spirited people that – quite frankly – probably never should have gotten together in the first place. Great people, not so great as a couple. Which definitely happens! Anyways, when I was young and after they had divorced, my dad hopped from job to job trying to find something he was passionate about until he landed in the oil field. This, as you know, was booming in Alberta in the early 2000’s until an economic downtrend due to government spending, world trade and unfortunate tax redistribution… More on that later!

My mom on the other hand, maintained a steady job as a secretary to a private real estate agency that did quite well. After a few years my mom decided to take her own step forward in a career and started selling real estate! (She is very good!! If you ever decide to sell, just message me). My dad followed along that entrepreneurial path and decided to open his own company with his current wife, in general contracting and sewage management. Shitty job, but someone has to do it! (Yes I make that pun a lot.)

They have both made incredible, sustainable careers for themselves, and I am a very proud daughter. And like them, when I started living on my own, I had very little to my name.

When I moved out; I was almost eighteen years old, in a relationship with the wonderful man I am still with today, going to a prestigious University that drained all my savings, and had no job or prospects to speak of. I was pretty much at rock bottom.

There was a point in time where my partner (here-on-out dubbed: hubby) and I were scraping pennies out of a jar and searching our couches for long lost change just to keep a roof over our heads. That was a very difficult time for the both of us, and it ended with us almost being homeless. It is challenging to talk about, but we will come back to this point in time of my life in a future post, I am sure.

Currently, I work full-time in the aviation industry which – of course – has its own trials and tribulations to work through. But this is not the end game for me. Not by a long shot. It is just my beginning. My full-time job to support my full-time dream of collecting my degree off of a stage and using it to create my own business. I am an entrepreneur in the making, a mini-entrepreneur, waiting to take the world by storm. In whatever the hell I decide to do next…

Boeing 727 252f
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What is your full-time dream?